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Central Bank allows Yuan and Yen for exchange

Central Bank of Myanmar has now allowed Authorized Dealer license holding banks and non-bank financial institutions to buy and sell Chinese yuan and Japan...
Myanmar port economy container export trade (6)

China closes all border trade posts on Myanmar-China Border

China, Myanmar’s major trade partner, has closed all the border tradeposts on the Myanm-China border with the closure of Chin Shwe Haw border trade...
Farmer Bagan backyard travel

Agriculture sector receives less than one percent of FDI in as of August 2020-2021...

Year Foreign direct investment into the agriculture sector in Myanmar as of August 2020-2021 Fiscal Year is less than one percent of the total...

Exporters ordered to sell foreign currency earnings within 30 days

In an attempt to stabilize the dollar rate against Myanmar Kyat, the Central Bank of Myanmar issued a notice on October 3 ordering exporters...
Yangon traffic car import fuel oil construction

Regime bans vehicle imports aiming to reduce foreign currency needs

The Department of Trade under the Ministry of Commerce announced that it has stopped issuing import permits for vehicle imports starting from October 1st...