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Telenor Meets New Customers at Mandalay Net Monday

Telenor hosted an open Net Monday event in Mandalay following the launch of its mobile network there to discuss and get feedback from users about their first experiences of the Telenor network.

Telenor Myanmar CEO Petter Furberg told the Net Monday audience: “After three days of using the mobile network we want to hear what you, our new customers, feel have been good and what we should improve before we switch on the network in the next city.”

He said the reception the Norwegian firm received “exceeded our expectations.”

“During our first day we experienced a much higher usage among our customers than anticipated, particularly on voice calls. Due to this, some of our customers could experience difficulties making calls at some locations and the quality may be lower than what you normally should expect from Telenor.”

He said coverage is the firm’s top priority and it’s speeding up the building of more mobile towers in Mandalay to further expand the capacity of its network.

Sharad Mehrotra, CMO of Telenor Myanmar, highlighted that great market insight is important: “Our future success depends deeply on our ability to understand diverse consumer needs and to work effectively with diverse customers in Myanmar.”

Telenor’s network in Nay Pyi Taw was launched on October 3. Yangon is expected to follow suit roughly around October 10, it said.

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