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Telenor Simplifies Value Added Service

Telenor has introduced upgrades to its “Call Me Back” value-added service (VAS) in a bid to make it easier for customers to use.

This service helps customers who run out of mobile balances send messages and requesting the recipient to call back.

To use the service, customers now only need to dial “*1*09(recipient’s number)#”. The receiving party will then get an SMS stating “Please call me back”, in both Myanmar and English.

Telenor said there will be no charges and limits for dialling the code, and the service can be used to send messages to mobile phone subscribers across all mobile networks in Myanmar.

Sharad Mehrotra, chief marketing officer of Telenor, said, “We first launched the ‘Call Me Back’ service in September 2014, and have now simplified this offering, and also made it possible for messages to be sent to mobile subscribers across all networks.

“This service complements our existing ‘Kyo Thone’ (emergency credit borrowing) service, where customers can borrow 500 Kyat from Telenor when they run out of credit, and ‘repay’ this at their next reload. Where customers have already borrowed using ‘Kyo Thone’, they can now utilise the enhanced ‘Call Me Back’ service.”

Telenor customers can subscribe to a variety of value-added services, which include voice, messaging, digital and music services, and other category-specific services like agriculture and astrology. 

“Our suite of value-added services offer knowledge and information for a variety of customer segments. We also have a SMS based service which provide essential information for farmers and people in rural areas which form a major portion of Myanmar’s population. Through these services, they can receive news about weather, agriculture, commodities prices over SMS,” Mehrotra added.  

The telecoms firm said that in the coming months it will expand its network to Kayah state and Thanintharyi region, and focus on quality and capacity improvements in key market centres.

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