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Tender Invited for Energy Through Waste Project in Myanmar

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has invited tender in a bid to carry out a joint venture project on emission energy through waste, an official of Department of Pollution Control and Cleansing of YCDC said.

“Nearly 40 companies have inquired about the tender. Companies from ASEAN countries have shown the most interest in this project,” the YCDC official said.

The deadline for submitting tender is 28 February.

“Companies which work for the benefit of people, have the lowest impact on the environment and abide by the objectives laid down by the YCDC will be chosen for this project,” he added.

The energy through waste project entails producing electricity by driving generator with methane gas emitted from the garbage, producing hundred percent pure alternative gas. After emission of methane it will be transformed and compressed into bio-methane, and will be used for producing electricity. A garbage mill is required alongside the power plant to run this project.

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