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Terabit Chooses Israeli Firm for Myanmar Satellite Terminals

Myanmar-based telecommunications systems integrator Terabit Wave Co Ltd has ordered Israel-based Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd’s satellite solutions, the latter announced.

Gilat, a leading global satellite networking technology, solutions and services provider, Terabit ordered the firm’s Satcom-on-the-Move terminals – including tactical satcom units, vehicle-mounted satellite antennas and related equipment – for a Myanmar governmental agency. However, the firm didn’t specify which state-run agency will receive the terminals.

Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM), or satellite communications on the move, is a phrase used in the context of mobile satellite technology, specifically relating to military ground vehicles.

Terabit Wave placed an order for a SkyEdge II hub and terminals – including SatTrooper Manpacks, Raysat Satcom-On-The-Move antennas, WaveStream BUCs and associated modems – with rollout expected during the third and fourth quarters of this year.

Terabit Wave won the deal through a competitive bidding process involving leading global and local solution providers, Gilat said in a statement.

“The name of the game in today’s communications is Mobility. Gilat’s Satcom-On-The-Move solutions are especially suited for the kind of emergency operations that our client was concerned about,” said U Tay Za Tun, CEO at Terabit Wave.

Erez Antebi, Gilat’s CEO, said Terabit needed to provide a Ku-band Satcom-On-The-Move integrated solution.

“Our terminals answered their specifications not only for their compact, lightweight design but also because they can be set up and dismantled quickly and are easy to operate.”

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