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The Best Dim Sum in Town

Yesterday evening, I heard tunes that reminded me of the seventies. It reminded me of being ten years old, sitting in the back of my parent’s station wagon, the windows down, a cool breeze running through my hair. The radio was playing the exact same song that I had heard all those years ago. It was so sweet with its lyrics, soft and so beautiful with both its melody and harmony, played with that distinctive sound of acoustic instruments. I couldn’t imagine how or why the youngsters of today have not heard this sort of music before.

It was at that time that I went for lunch.

This place, too, brought back memories from those wonderfully nostalgic days all those years ago. A friend recently recommended me to visit the Chinese restaurant in Yangon’s Traders Hotel, which has recently employed a new chef from Hong Kong.

My curiosity effectively piqued, some friends and I decided to see what it had to offer. A great variety of dim sum was quaffed that day. We had Sew-Mai, Ha-Gao, Spare Ribs, Roasted Duck and Cha-Siew (Roasted Pork). To add to the pleasure, they were decorated with absolute quality and the taste was fantastic too.

Of all the great dishes tasted, I would recommend both the roasted duck and pork. The duck was very soft with a smooth taste, while the pork was served with a slice of Kiwi fruit. That didn’t seem right, but as soon as I bit into it, the mixtures worked perfectly to give it a wonderful taste.

After all those starters (should we call them starters?) we had sweet and sour soup, some flat noodle rolls and deep-fried soft shell crab. Finally, we ended with E-Mee noodles and finished our lunch with desserts.

All of us agreed that this Chinese restaurant should be considered one of the best Dim-Sums in town.

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