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To do the right thing & to do it right is our value: CEO of OPPO

Customers in Myanmar, a developing country with an average annual income per capita of just over $1,000, often look at the price when they are thinking of buying a new smartphone. This offers opportunities for smartphone makers, who offer a very good price to performance products with a very reasonable price. OPPO, being one of them, become increasingly popular among the youngsters due to its qualities, especially camera features. Myanmar Business Today has an interview with Mr. Peter Li, CEO of OPPO.

What is OPPO’s market strategy to attract more customers in Myanmar?

One of OPPO’s key values is user-led. We have different channels to communicate with Myanmar consumers, such as market search, Ofans gathering, Media workshops to listen to what they need and optimize the next models to satisfy their needs. As a trendy and technical brand, OPPO  always aimed at young people. We have to know what young people like and what is the latest trendy thing. Young people like to take pictures and share life moments, OPPO positioning camera phones, and always show up as a life recorder. We start different photography campaigns to encourage young people to share their love, family, culture, friendship, etc.

How do you see the Myanmar market? 

The Myanmar market is a very fast-growing market in the smartphone industry. We have been operating in Myanmar for over six years. Our company mission is to elevate life through technological artistry. Embodying our key value of BenFen in Chinese which means doing the right thing and doing it right, as well as our value to be user-led, goal-oriented, and aims for perfection. OPPO Myanmar has grown very fast since entering the market, reaching 90% awareness within two years. We are very impressed to witness the rapid development in mobile technology here in Myanmar and this is why we put customers as our top priority whatever we do at OPPO. We understand that most of the people from both urban and semi-urban areas would love to keep up with the trends and innovative 

technology, this is why we are always trying our best to deliver quality products with a unique customer experience to our Myanmar audience. 

OPPO frequently introduces innovative technologies. Can you pick some of those and explain how important for the users?

OPPO has established a link between its products and consumers with the hope that consumers go smart and can be more sustainable while shortening the distance between people. We brought in Find Series, Reno Series, F Series, and A Series with the F Series being the most popular one in Myanmar as well as some IoT devices such as SmartWatch and earbuds to make users’ life easier, enhance users’ lives, and to connect people. With 7 Official Showrooms, 12 service centers in 10 cities, and many service points, we are now at our customers’ disposal for anything they might need. Our 1 hr flash fix service has achieved more than 97% and we are glad that we can provide effective after-sales services to our customers. 

Can you share your upcoming products and innovations?

As you know, creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at OPPO, that is why we are continuing to invest in the technology. OPPO aims for perfection. This is why we have invested a lot in research and development. On the basis of ensuring quality standards, we are constantly exploring the design depth of products, hoping to meet the demands of users. While we think for our users OPPO keeps innovating. OPPO has established a link between its products and consumers with the hope that consumers go smart and can be more sustainable while shortening the distance between people.

Being a responsible business is crucial nowadays. What is OPPO doing for the local community?

We are a brand that cares for the well-being of Myanmar people and we are always looking forward to creating job opportunities and building reliable and powerful human resources here in Myanmar. This is why we now have a team of around 2,100 in total, over 99% percent are local for both permanent and temporary employees. As part of our CSR activity here in Myanmar, we have also donated 20 Million Kyats to the Ministry of Health and Sports during the first wave of Covid in Myanmar and committed to supporting the markets we operate in. We are also looking forward to contributing more in the future development of the country as well.


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