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Underglow Lights for Cars in Vogue in Yangon

Along with the growing popularity and prestige of automobile ownership, decorative items for cars are also becoming common in Yangon.

Among many available items, the city’s car decoration enthusiasts are increasingly choosing underglow lights for cars, traders of car decoration items said.

In the car industry, underglow or ground effects lighting refers to neon or LED aftermarket car customisation in which lights are attached to the chassis so that they illuminate the ground underneath the car.

Ko Zaw Gyi, a vehicular accessories seller from Ruby Market, said major customers are young Burmese and they often style the whole body of the car with lights, mostly with cheaper Chinese products.

“Customers here prefer to decorate their cars with lights. It’s becoming more popular these days. They spend about K50,000 and decorate the whole vehicle.

“Most of the customers are young people and they rather spend on Chinese products which are cheap but we usually encourage them to use quality products.” 

The demand for light decoration is growing, but other car decoration items are yet to catch on, traders said.

Income from lighting decorations can hit about K3 million per month, according to decorative items traders, who added that with increasing demand the prices of such items are also on the rise.

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