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Yangon Int’l Airport Reopened; Accommodated over 2,000 Travellers in 3 Days

Yangon International Airport has accommodated over 2,000 travellers to and from Myanmar for three days after it was reopened to international travellers and businesses on 17 April after two years of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airport accommodated 688 departures and 393 arrivals from the Yangon International Airport on the first opening day. On the second day, a total of 517 passengers from Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, and Malaysia, arrived on five airlines.

On the third day, the Bangkok-Yangon flight MAI-336 landed first with 32 passengers,
followed by the Kuala Lumpur-Yangon flight with 106 passengers.

Then, 288 passengers arrived at the airport via five airlines from China (Guangzhou), South Korea (Incheon), Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand on the same day.

Upon arriving at Yangon International Airport, passengers are required to provide a COVID-19 negative test result and a vaccination certificate.

Foreign travellers on commercial flights are required to go on a one-day quarantine in a hotel before travelling in the country.

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