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Yatanarpon to Receive Telecom Licence

The Myanmar ministry of communications and information technology is planning to award a telecom licence to the Yatanarpon Public Company to run communication services across the nation, local media reported.

Yatanarpon Teleport Company is currently selling internet lines and pre-paid cards but is also investing in other businesses. The four telecom companies (including MPT) will also participate in fair competitions, the ministry said.

The ministry earlier signed nationwide licence agreements with foreign telecom companies Telenor and Ooredoo. State-run Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) was for a long time the sole operator.

Ooredoo said it will employ Myanmar nationals at 90 percent, provide telephony services and launch 4G networks. Telenor said it will provide 2G and 3G networks and use HSPA and LTE technologies to install mobile networks. Both Ooredoo and Telenor said they will charge calls initially at K25 (2.5 cents) per minute and sell SIM cards at K1,500 ($1.5) each.

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