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Yatanarpon Touts High-Speed Internet from August

Local internet service provider Yatanarpon Teleport has claimed that it is to upgrade its internet service and will offer customers service with “guarantee.”

“We are now discussing changing the service charges. High-speed internet that is faster than our current internet service will be operated in cooperation with international companies. The system will be upgraded to get higher quality,” said U Shein Thu Aung, CEO of Yatanarpon Teleport Company.

He said the “guaranteed high-speed” internet service will be sold in August.

“If the customers don’t get the quality that we guaranteed, there will be arrangements to fix this situation. Maintenance will also be provided within a given period by the company,” the chief executive said.

The government has widened the issuance of licences for internet service firms, and there will be more competition to provide service in the future. One official from a technology company told Myanmar Business Today, “In the future, service providers with poor internet connection speed will be pushed out of business by higher competition.”

Yatanarpon Teleport provides internet service and is authorised by the Ministry of Telecommunication. The Ministry of Telecommunication currently controls the operational international telecommunication cables, which have a total Bandwidth of 32.32Gbps via an underwater and inland network across the Thai and Chinese borders.

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