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YCDC Seeks K5.6b Extra to Pay Salaries

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has requested an additional K5.62 billion ($5.27 million) to pay its employees and hired labours, due to the increment in basic salaries of government staff, the city’s mayor said.

“When we proposed our budget for 2015-16 there was no deficit. However, after taking the increment [of salaries] into account YCDC’s budget now shows deficit,” U Hla Myint, mayor of YCDC, said.

YCDC has 17,185 employees and it spends about 10 percent of its income on paying staff, the mayor said. YCDC’s proposed total budget this fiscal year was K339.72 billion ($318.83 million).

The committee said in 2015-16 it is going to spend K257.4 billion ($241.57 million) on constructing cargo truck stations, warehouse building, mechanical workshops and vehicle storage, slaughterhouses and animal farms, roads, bridges and water supply systems, parks and garbage disposal system, among others.

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