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You Are A CEO

What if someone says “You are a CEO”! Would you believe him! You might think that “I am a middle class man or woman working for a corporation from nine to five, I have a small family and I barely get by my monthly expenses with the salary I get paid for. I am just a regular employee.” That is where we begin to sink into an illusion. We tend to believe that our fate is dependent on the organization where we work and our livelihood is dependent on the salary we get paid for, at end of every month. We believe we are working for a corporation, but in reality we are working for our ownself. We are ourselves a corporate entity.

You are a CEO of your own “First-name Last-name Private Corporation” just like I am the CEO of “Nishit Lal Pvt. Corp.” Each one of us is providing services to various other corporations. Few provide full time services and other part time, all depends how you wish to use your skills. When you see yourself from this perspective, you feel responsible for your services, growth and financial condition.

No more is your financial condition dependent on the organization where you provide your services, but dependent on the quality of service you provide. In today’s time of globalization, it is imperative for us to act with greater responsibility and take ownership of our own marketing, training, sales, financial health, operations, relationships etc. People tend to say, “That is all I get paid for at the end of the month”, “I do not get a promotion on time”, “My peers are favored during project assignment”, “The organization I work for doesn’t value my skills”. These statements reinforce the fact that you blame your life’s conditions on factors other than you. If you are a corporate entity in your own self, you can choose the remuneration you wish to have, you can choose the organization you wish to provide your services to, you can develop your skill sets and add more value to others, you can invest in your training and add more competencies, you can outperform the competition by having an edge in the services you provide.

You can decide what kind of organization you wish to build and begin developing it. You may choose to become a Small and Medium enterprise or you can aim to become a Fortune 500 company. It’s your vision for your own self that will propel you every day to achieve new feats and work the extra mile.

“If you don’t have a life plan then you will fall into someone else’s life plan and that may not look interesting to you”. Become an author of your own book, and write the story you desire to have. Imagine what people have to say about you when they read your life’s story – you can make it a thriller, a comedy, an action packed movie, a horror or a dull plain story. It all depends on you.

People ask me “What kind of story are you writing for yourself”, and I say “I want my life’s story to give a message ofHope and Possibilities”. What’s your story? What plans have you made about your life? How do you want to end your life’s story? Right time to design your future is now. Take out time and decide a vision for yourself, which can inspire you daily to give more to others.

Know that you are not working for some company or someone but working for your own “first-name last-name private corporation”. Your performance rating is a feedback of the quality of services you are providing, your paycheck is the feedback of the amount of value you are delivering, your relationships is the feedback of the quality of networks you have developed.

Become responsible for your own life and chart a way which makes you reach closer to your goal. Every day say to yourself, “I AM responsible for my own Destiny – no corporation, no person, no event can decide my Destiny,I AM the author of my own life and I DECLARE I AM responsible for my own life, this very moment.”

Nishit Lal is a self-help author and corporate trainer (www.nishitlal.com).


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