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Youths Need Vocational Skills as Employment Opportunities Increase

Despite a likely increase in aid from foreign countries in employment in the country, Myanmar’s youths should be given the opportunity to improve their vocational skills, according to U Kyaw Htwe, director of Crane Employment Agency.
Recently, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said in a meeting with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi that his government plans to increase its aid in occupation areas in Myanmar, while other governments are likely to increase aid to the country as it makes tentative steps towards genuine democracy after five decades of military rule.
“Though foreign support aid is high, youths need to have skills in order to achieve jobs,” said U Kyaw Htwe. “As long as foreign investors continue to begin ventures in Myanmar, more and more job opportunities will be created. The youth of Myanmar must be able to perform to the levels expected in order for them to gain new jobs. So, starting from now, youths should attend vocational courses in order to learn the skills required,” he added.
U Kyaw Htwe added that jobs need to be created in a vast range of industries, to take advantage of the wants of the youths in the country.

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